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Who are the influencers?

They’re invited to the front rows of the fashion shows; they are ambassadors for prestigious brands, and are followed by millions of people – today, the influencers are an integral part of the fashion landscape. But who are they exactly, and how could we explain their success?

Léa, who lives in London, and is passionate about fashion, art, and digital, took an interest in that question. She was born in the 90s and followed the Internet revolution closely, as well as the gradual democratization of fashion, which used to be institutionalised, closed, and elitist, but that gradually opens up thanks to new generations of influencers.

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How digital is changing the fashion industry?


Diane Piot, digital marketing at Paul Smith

Diane has two passions: fashion and digital. After working with the marketing teams of Chanel Paris and Clarins New York, she was hired in London by Shopstyle, the Google of fashion. Today, she is managing the digital marketing of Paul Smith France. Not only is she my friend – she is also a talented young woman with lots of ideas! She tells us how digital has modernized fashion, and gradually became an essential tool for the sales and communications of luxury brands.

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Hokusai’s 3 waves


The Great Wave off Kanagawa par Hokusai (1760-1849)

Hokusai is probably the most famous Japanese artist. I’m sure you’ve seen The Great Wave, the gigantic and threatening wave looming over a tiny Mount Fuji, while three small boats are braving the foam. Hokusai’s refined, delicate, and accurate style had an impact on the modern world in general and on the world of fashion in particular. Here’s how!

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Focus on Vincent van Gogh


Vincent van Gogh, Amandiers en fleurs, 1890

I’ve told you about Carmen Herrera, who finally met with success at the age of 70, after a life dedicated to painting. Vincent van Gogh, for his part, would never have imagined that he would be so successful today. It’s never too late to become an artist – he was 28 when he started painting. You can identify his style from his use of intense colours, his texture effects, his lively brushstrokes that give his paintings a particular impression of movement. Such a visually characteristic æsthetic was a godsend for Rodarte, which paid tribute to the Dutch painter’s world in its 2012 spring-summer collection.

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