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The power of fashion : when Prada criticizes the modern world

I’ve read an interview with Christophe Chemin about his collaboration with Prada, in which he explains: ‘People will see what they want in the clothes. The references are there for the people that are curious enough’. That’s really something meant for the readers of As A Muse!

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What is it like to be an artist?


Jill Guillais, artist

Jill Guillais is a visual artist and she also teaches visual arts. She studied at the Beaux-Arts, both in France and in England. She followed an art therapy course, before eventually becoming a teacher, while still practicing her own form of art. Today, the sparkling and curious young artist shares with us her views on Art with a capital A, and why it matters so much to her.

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Edda Gimnes | Designer for Tomorrow


I’m very impressed by Edda Gimmes’s work. This 25 year-old Norwegian designer, who has just graduated from London College of Fashion, won the prestigious Designer for Tomorrow award. Alber Elbaz, former artistic director of Lanvin, has paid tribute to her work. Wow!

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