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Category: Portraits

Sustainable fashion: trend or emergency?


Medias more and more talk about sustainability – eating organic food, recycling, avoiding wasting. Sustainable development is also a big question in fashion. Elise is the winner of the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion and she explains to us what sustainable fashion means.

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Creativity and business : two opposite words?


Jean-Baptiste Truong, student in Institut Français de la Mode in Paris

More often than not, we imagine the fashion designers living in their ivory tower, and creating only for people of their kind. But fashion is a real business, deeply anchored in reality. Jean-Baptiste Truong tells us about it with great lucidity. After a Master’s degree from a Business School, he worked in New York with fashion buyers, then left the world of fashion for cosmetics, at MAC and Chanel. This year, he decided to go back to his first love, and entered the Institut Français de la Mode. According to Business of Fashion, this Parisian school is in the top 3 of the best fashion schools in the world!

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Becoming a fashion designer


Julio is one of the marvellous people I met in London. He used to be an actor, theatre director, and costume designer in Brazil but at some point he realised that clothing was his main media of communication. He decided to move to London to study in the most prestigious fashion school in the world : Central Saint Martins. He is going to share with us his vision of fashion and tell us what you learn in such a famous school.

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What is it like to be an artist?


Jill Guillais, artist

Jill Guillais is a visual artist and she also teaches visual arts. She studied at the Beaux-Arts, both in France and in England. She followed an art therapy course, before eventually becoming a teacher, while still practicing her own form of art. Today, the sparkling and curious young artist shares with us her views on Art with a capital A, and why it matters so much to her.

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